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Blog: #TRULondon review

In Community, Conference, Recruitment, Social Media on February 21, 2011 at 10:30 am

As those present on Thursday evening will verify, I celebrated my birthday in the midst of #TRULondon.  Lucky chap that I am, my wife had arranged a swift departure thereafter for a weekend in Brussels – so my customary event review blog has for once, not been produced.

Instead, I’ve gathered the transcript of the hashtag discussion here – and subsequently produced the following word cloud.  Note that Twitter names and links have been removed – otherwise, it’s unedited (click on the image to see a larger version).

To all those in the room or contributing from afar – thanks! Bill made it happen – you made it great.

Wordle summary of #trulondon

Update – and a nifty use for a great tool

In Conference, Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter on October 27, 2010 at 11:07 am

So it’s been a few weeks since my last post caused a little debate on the subject of education.  I’ve not been deliberately neglecting the blogosphere  – actually, I’ve discovered some great new stuff recently, which I now aggregate over on the Social Recruiting Feed. I’ve just been hit by that old blogger’s excuse of too much to do, not enough time, yada yada yada. It’s rubbish, annoying and trite, but it’s unfortunately true.

So why has this happened?

  1. Change of handset – used to use a Nokia N97, with a little flip-out keyboard. I could actually write blogposts, easily, from anywhere. It was awesome in that respect.  I’m now on a touch-screen Android phone, a decision driven on two fronts – open nature of the platform + great range of apps (particularly loving the DropBox app) – but no keyboard.  However, I recently discovered this little beauty from Logitech. I can use it wirelessly on the move with the phone, but also at home to drive my media PC for films etc. Loving it, so hopefully, problem solved.
  2. Business – we’ve taken on some great new customers recently (we’re especially pleased with Fujitsu and Yell, leading the way for corporate customers). This has a knock-on though – it’s shown us a few areas where we have work to do to improve process.  We’re growing at a steady pace, which means we can control and manage these issues as they arise, but it does mean secondary activity (like the blog) does take a hit sometimes. I think we’re winning!
  3. Conference season – they’re everywhere. Some good, some less so, but regardless of my personal views, they’re all relevant to our industry, so we make every effort to contribute – at whatever level we can.

So why this sudden return?  An inspired moment from the #ConnectingHR event last week. I’m a fan of the Wordle site – I’ve seen Andy Headworth make interesting use of it as part of the hiring process – and indeed I’ve used it to create a testimonial word cloud for TweetJobs, based on recent client feedback.

However, the most recent outing I saw for Wordle was at the hands of communications specialist Abi Signorelli. She took the Twitterstream from the morning session of #ConnectingHR and created a word cloud – giving a clear impression of the main topics tweeted over the preceding few hours.  It allowed some very swift conclusions to be drawn and really focussed the mind for several of us.  Abi then repeated the exercise towards the end of the afternoon session, demonstrating beautifully how the day’s focus had changed.  She’s posted it for all on her blog, along with some audioboo interviews from the day. For me, it was a highly effective intervention using a very accessible bit of technology.

That kind of thing really makes me smile.

Why Twitter? The Backchannel – #trumanchester

In Personal Development, Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter on September 10, 2010 at 12:19 pm

I regularly get asked about the value of Twitter and as you’d expect, I can talk for hours on the subject.  One particular favourite though, remains the backchannel.  It’s always easier to explain when there’s a real-time event happening that people can plug into, so I suggested recently that those sceptical should follow #trumanchester this week.  Now the event itself is over, I want to take a quick look back, including a few stats.

For those who haven’t been involved, #trumanchester was a two-day unconference focussed on the recruitment industry (8/9th Sept). Subjects include technology, process, candidate experience and particularly, Social Media. Organised by Bill Boorman, the event was attended by circa 85 people representing the UK, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Ireland!.

In the week surrounding the event (4th-10th Sept), there were 296 tweeters using the #trumanchester hashtag, producing 2160 tweets.

Bearing in mind the number of attendees, it’s clear that many of those tweeters weren’t there in person.  Probably more still if one considers many Twitter users don’t actually tweet much, they simply consume. The top ten tweeters produced over 1000 tweets between them. Regardless of their regular followers, these people managed to broadcast their personal brand & message to a seriously focussed audience.

If you check out the transcript over the actual two days of the event, you’ll notice many comments and questions coming in from outside the room. Often, these are from thought leaders in the industry who couldn’t be present. They’re keeping themselves up to date, driving the debate in a particular direction, raising their own profile – whatever the reason, they’re deriving value from the backchannel and adding quality to the event as a whole.

For me, the backchannel has become a key element of any event, whether I’m there in person or not. If it’s not something you’ve investigated before, I urge you to do so in future! Two acknowledgements I should make: first, stats and transcript produced via WTHashtag. Second, kudos to @billboorman for recognising the value of live blogging and backchannel curation – bringing @lesanto in to drive this aspect added a huge amount of value.

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